United States Wedding Rings

We are a company specializing in wedding rings in the United States [US] market. We have 57 years of tradition in this market and we have the best consultants and appraisers in the jewelry industry!

We are able to offer an individual and personalized service guaranteeing your satisfaction.

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571 - Alianças de Casamento USA


R$ 6.600,00

12x de R$ 682,00

ou R$ 5.610,00 à vista(15%) no PIX

646 - Miami Wedding Rings


R$ 6.900,00

12x de R$ 713,00

ou R$ 5.865,00 à vista(15%) no PIX

641 - Houston Wedding Rings


R$ 8.000,00

12x de R$ 826,67

ou R$ 6.800,00 à vista(15%) no PIX

1038 - New York Wedding Rings


R$ 9.999,99

12x de R$ 1.033,33

ou R$ 8.499,99 à vista(15%) no PIX

975 - Jacksonville Wedding Rings


R$ 10.799,99

12x de R$ 1.116,00

ou R$ 9.179,99 à vista(15%) no PIX

893 - Alianças de Casamento Americano


R$ 11.000,00

12x de R$ 1.136,67

ou R$ 9.350,00 à vista(15%) no PIX

934 - Los Angeles Wedding Rings


R$ 15.000,00

12x de R$ 1.550,00

ou R$ 12.750,00 à vista(15%) no PIX

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